Over the years of ISYS operating on the market of industrial gas heating devices, we have developed the most effective method of harnessing fuel combustion energy to achieve the highest possible efficiency of devices. The ISYS research and development team has developed compact Gas Heating Modules that provides the user with high efficiency and unprecedented ease of assembly operation and turn down ratio.

Thanks to the use of intelligent electronic control, the Gas Heating Module remains maintenance-freeafter commissioning. The module control system ensures its full safety and energy efficiency at the highest level. It is environmentally friendly and ensures the lowest fuel consumption and minimal environmental impact.

Supreme technical parameters of the device allow the use of Gas Heating Modules in technological processes as well as in heating industrial, office, commercial buildings, sports halls, religious buildings and public utilities.

Classic way of heating buildings

In a traditional heating process, a heat exchanger, e.g. glycol- or water-based, is used to transfer the energy. The energy needed to heat the air comes from a distant boiler room. The construction of water, gas or oil pipelines with an extensive and complex valve system carries a number of risks. In the event of a power failure: the entire system may freeze, armature can corrode and, as a consequence, the rooms will cool down.

At the design stage of building heating, it is worth considering which heating system to use to protect yourself from risky solutions. In the traditional method of heating, the transport of the medium to the exchanger, water leaks and ventilation grilles in the boiler room also cause a loss of generated energy, which results in low efficiency of the entire heating system.

Innovative way of heating buildings

ISYS has developed a new heating system by introducing the IS Gas Heating Module to the market. It utilizes a gas heat exchanger for heating. This modern solution makes it possible to put together all components needed to generate thermal energy in one compact device that does not require a separate room.

The devices are installed inside air handling units on the rooftops of heated objects, directly above the ceiling or in another convenient place. By simplifying the energy transfer system, a very high efficiency and reliability of the device was obtained. Each module can be an internal part of a ventilation unit or an independent component within a ventilation duct.

Gas heating modules can be co-financed with EU funds.

Benefits of gas heating modules:

  • No water or glycol installation
  • High device efficiency up to 105%!
  • Short response time of changing the set operating parameters
  • Simple regulation and safety system
  • Integration with BMS systems

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